Why People Hate Escort Missions


If there’s one thing all gamers can agree on, it’s this: escort missions suck.

Almost nothing in gaming is more frustrating than trying to escort an NPC just to have it run directly into the line of fire, get stuck on some inanimate object, or not follow you at all.

Sometimes, it can even feel like your escort target is actively trying to find ways to get themselves killed.

In the above video, the NPC seems to trip on his shoe laces and dies.  really?… REALLY?

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of Solsangraal arguably made one of the best comments on a thread about escort missions. “Why can’t there be a mission where I’m the one being escorted, and get to run around and do stupid shit?”

Hear, hear.

So to celebrate all the pain we gamers go through whenever we’re assigned to take a brain-dead NPC from Point A to Point B, here are the worst escort missions in video games:

Resident Evil 4: The Whole Damn Game

PHOTO CREDIT Resident Evil 4 HD Project

Pretty much the only good thing about escort missions is that they’re only missions. But once you’ve got Ashley by your side, Resident Evil 4 is essentially one long escort mission the entire way through. Unlike some NPCs, Ashley does try to keep herself out of danger and mostly follows your orders, but her endless complaining and backseat driving will have you grating your teeth for the rest of the game.

Fallout 4: Liberty Prime

PHOTO CREDIT Youtube – Vengeance Slash

This escort mission makes the list partly because of the sheer number of bugs gamers have reportedly come across in this mission, regardless of platform. Escorting Liberty Prime may not be the worst thing in the world (he is pretty durable as far as escort NPCs go), but to have him stop walking three steps from the end is infuriating enough to trigger a real-life fallout.

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