PlayStation Should Remaster More Childhood Games

In the age of MOBA’s booming, games like Team Buddies would find an audience.

PlayStation has seen phenomenal success in its remaster of Crash Bandicoot. And when developers hinted at a Spyro reboot, players were beyond thrilled. Imagine the excitement if PlayStation continued to release games that most haven’t seen since childhood. To this day, most players can think back to a title that defined their childhood summers and shaped their gaming lives. Personally, I know which game I would recommend for a PlayStation remaster.

When I was 13-years-old, my brother and I purchased a PS1 game that we had never heard of before: Team Buddies. We had seen no commercials or promotions for the game, and only a single copy was available in the store, and we were lucky enough get our hands on it. From that day on, we would spend hours on end battling one another in this strategic fortress defence title, and the 4 player capabilities allowed others to join in on the fun.

The Team Buddies Trailer

Though Team Buddies has a strong cult following, not many mainstream gamers have even heard of this game. The game is over 17-years-old and isn’t even available on Sony consoles past the original PlayStation. So, why would a Team Buddies remaster – in particular – be a good idea? The answer lies in looking at the titles that still have a large player base: League of Legends, Overwatch, and even Team Fortress 2. These are all team objective-based games and Team Buddies is no different.

Team Buddies offered fast-paced strategic gameplay while including unique character styles and maps. Battles would take place on maps with clever names such as “Quarrelsome Quarry” and “Temple Tantrum,” along with 12 other player maps. To achieve victory, you would build weapons, troops, and vehicles by collecting boxes scattered around the map. Vehicles included tanks, bikes, and attack helicopters that you could ride and control. Your objective was to destroy the other player’s bases while defending your own.

Setting nostalgia aside, Team Buddies would find an audience in today’s gaming community mainly because of the multiplayer aspect. A remaster could add online capabilities on the PS4 and include more than just one single player on a team unlike the original Team Buddies. The wacky humour and colourful art would appeal to fans of games like Overwatch. Plus, the limited copies available for the game have created an aura of fascination for PlayStation fans. Players curious to try out the game on the PS1 may currently be disappointed since finding a copy is nearly impossible… And even if you find a copy online, you’ll end up dishing out close to $200.

It would be a smart move if Sony added Team Buddies to its list of remasters. The original game’s developer, Psygnosis, was a company of Sony, so it allows a great opportunity to revive this title and give players an unexpected treat.

Did you ever play Team Buddies? What childhood games would you want to be remastered and why? Tell us your thoughts.

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