Project Scorpio: What if you don’t own a 4K TV?

Is Project Scorpio worth it if you don’t own a 4K screen?

Project Scorpio is promising to be the most powerful console ever. Aimed at hardcore gamers, it is being marketed as a high-end system for 4K gaming.

This has some fans wondering: is the console worth buying if you don’t won a 4K television?

Xbox’s big boss says ‘yes’


According to Microsoft, gamers can expect improved frame rates and general visual performance of games, even when viewed on a 1080p screen, because of the console’s superior rendering and processing power. Any games specifically made for 4K will super-sample down. This means improved anti-aliasing and texture filtering even for 1080p displays.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, believes the investment is worth it, even for those without a 4K screen.

“I think Scorpio is for the console customer who wants the best version of the console games on their television, whether they have a 1080p or a 4K television,” he says. “We’ve got a higher frequency CPU than any other console, we’ve got a better GPU, we’ve got more RAM. I have a Scorpio at home, so I’ve moved it back and forth from a 1080p TV to a 4K TV – and if you’re running on a 1080p TV and you plug Scorpio in you’re gonna be able to tell. I can tell.”

It’s up to the developers

Better game performance at 1080p also depends on how developers handle games. While most developers have stated that they’re planning on console parity for multiplayer games on Project Scorpio, single player games would most likely seen a marked improvement at 1080p over Xbox One and other systems.

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