Will Call of Duty: WWII Bring Gamers Back to Xbox?

As Xbox One X overtakes PS4 Pro as the best console on the market, will Activision rethink their contract with Sony?

Xbox fans may want to clear their calendars this November.

Call of Duty: WWII is coming to a gaming system near you on November 3, 2017. Partially due to strong criticism of Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty is heading back to its roots (and back in time) to reignite interest in the series.


In a related note, last week Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio. The Xbox One X is being heralded as the most powerful console currently on the planet. Early photos, still frames, and videos tease of the systems’s incredible ability to render truly stunning graphics.

Given Call of Duty: WWII’s release date, it’s a safe bet that the game will have full support on Xbox One X, which hits shelves just a few days later. So, will the superior graphics and overall power bring players, especially hardcore and competitive gamers, back to Xbox?

The History

Previously, Microsoft held dominance over Sony when it came to the FPS mega-franchise. An agreement signed in 2010 between Xbox and Activision brought map packs, game add-ons, and more to Xbox Live before any other console, and competitive COD used Xbox consoles exclusively. But back in 2015, Activision switch its preference to the PS4, flipping the eSports world on its head and leaving Xbox fans in the dark.

Now that Microsoft has the superior system on the horizon, will we see Activision switch back to Xbox and a renewed dominance for Microsoft over one of the world’s most popular games?


The issue with frame rate

Let’s make one thing clear: Xbox One X is hinting at faster frames-per-second than the PS4 Pro. In games like Call of Duty, every second counts and a superior frame rate allows for a faster reaction time on behalf of the player. The quicker the frames refresh, the quicker you see your enemy, the quicker you can mow them down.

However, most developers will probably opt for frame rate parity on multiplayer games to help even out the battlefield for those playing on other consoles. But what about the competitive side of things, where all gamers are playing on the same platform? Wouldn’t they love to compete on the best console on the market?

Wouldn’t fans prefer to see tournaments hosted on the best console possible?


Activision’s Contract with Sony

While the length and conditions of Activision’s contract with Sony hasn’t been made entirely public, it does weight heavily on Activision’s next move. If they’re locked into a contract for the next several years, they’ll either have to stick with Sony (and the currently less powerful console) or break the contract and possibly pay millions just to switch back to Xbox — which may not hold the title of the strongest console for long.

Chances are, Activision will stick out their contract for now. There are more players on the PlayStation network and the popularity of eSports continues to rise every year, no matter which console the pros are using.

At the end of the contract, whenever that may be, only time will time what Activision’s move will be.

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