10 Things Battlefield 1 Players Need to Start Doing

Includes 14 bonus videos with the best battlefield 1 tips & tricks

Battlefield 1 is one of the finest examples of a FPS on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its multiplayer has an amazing amount of complexity compared to similar titles such as Call of Duty, which allows for multiple different playing styles. Whilst this works for some, it can be difficult for others to pick up. The game has been out long enough now for people to get to grips with the basic mechanics, but with some people seemingly still struggling to wrap their heads around the deeper levels of its gameplay, here are 10 things they need to start doing to improve their game. Hopefully these will not only help improve your personal stats, but your team’s performance too.

10. Spotting Enemies

Be a team player and spot your enemies. It may not help you personally at that particular point in time, but it warns our teammates of that person’s location, potentially leading to a kill for them.

When they’re in sight, press R1 or RB on PS4 or Xbox One respectively, or Q of you’re a PC player. On PC, the ‘spot’ key can even be bound to your left mouse, meaning you can do it at the same time as firing, just in case you miss. It’s simple, but helps your team out massively.

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