10 Things Battlefield 1 Players Need to Start Doing

Includes 14 bonus videos with the best battlefield 1 tips & tricks

9. Calming Down

No map on Battlefield 1 is similar to Rush on Modern Warfare 2. There are very few areas in the game where it’s necessary to play aggressively, and it’s more likely to get you killed than actually benefit your team.

Slow down and be patient. Granted, there will be times when running into a situation when using Assault Class is the best thing to do, but only when you know your surroundings. Don’t rush into the unknown, play it more tactically than that.

8. Seeing the Bigger Picture

One enemy runs past you without noticing you’re there. It’s an easy kill, so you could go for it right now. Or, you could sit tight and wait, because other enemies may be following the same line, allowing you to take out multiple enemies in one go.

This has two benefits. The first is the aforementioned one, that being patient can lead to more than just the initial kill. Secondly, and more importantly, is that taking the first kill will alert other enemies to your presence. Waiting to see if others will pass makes sure there no one else will pick you off after your one kill.

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