10 Things Battlefield 1 Players Need to Start Doing

Includes 14 bonus videos with the best battlefield 1 tips & tricks

7. Learning the Maps

This seems like an obvious one, but on Conquest it’s easier said than done. Knowing where you are at any point in all of the maps is essential to playing well in Battlefield 1. Not only do you not want to respawn in an area that you don’t recognise, but you need to understand each building’s exits, camping spots, any area that the enemy team can rush from.

Even more importantly, you need to be able to understand the mini-map, and what each part tells you. It may seem to give you only a basic building outline, but it lets you know spotted enemy locations (which is why spotting is important too), as well as tanks, planes, everything you’d need to know. Do your research before you go into battle.

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Monte Grappa Map Tips

Sinai Desert Map Tips

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Empire’s Edge Map Tips

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