10 Things Battlefield 1 Players Need to Start Doing

Includes 14 bonus videos with the best battlefield 1 tips & tricks

6. Playing the Objective

So it’s not always the best idea to play the objective when no one else is, and can lead to an easy kill for your enemies. However, if you’re in the location, and your teammates are playing the objective, then you should play it too.

The more people who do so, the quicker it will be taken. There’s no use running around trying to get kills all the time (unless you’re in Team Deathmatch). When playing the objective you can still get kills, they may get you even more points, and capturing will bump up your XP too. If you don’t play it, you can’t win.

5. Timing Revives

You’re seeing Medics being slated all across the internet for never reviving, and when they do they miss the injection like a half-dead heroin addict. Suddenly half your team are down, and you see an opportunity to take some pride back for all fellow Doctors. But is it the best thing to do at that time?

Have a look around you. There’s probably a reason why your teammates are dead, and it could be because of a horde of oncoming enemies. Reviving even just one or two of them will turn them, and you, into sitting ducks. Sometimes it’s best to wait, make sure there’s no danger, and then help out, otherwise you can do more bad than good.

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