10 Things Battlefield 1 Players Need to Start Doing

Includes 14 bonus videos with the best battlefield 1 tips & tricks

4. Waiting for Medics

They might get a bad rap, but some Medics are genuinely there to do their job. Of course, they can’t do this if you straight away go for your spawn, without even looking to see where the nearest Medic is.

When you die, if one is close by then it will let you know by how much. It’s worth waiting just to see if one turns up, because you’re only going to end up on the respawn screen anyway. Rather than having to go all the way back into the map and find a new location, being revived allows you to get straight back into the action. Just be patient, and see who turns up.

3. Working as a Team

Sure, riding off into the distance on a motorbike into a horde of oncoming enemies does sound like something out of a James Bond movie, but unless you’re the man himself, it probably won’t work out how you want it to. What’s more, your team are now one man down, putting them at a disadvantage.

Try and stick together as a team. Not only does it make things like playing the objective a lot easier, but in the case of an ambush, it creates more firepower. If one of you is picked off, another is there to help out. It also allows teammates to spawn on you so long as you’re not under fire, giving you points, as well as much needed assistance.

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