39 Tips for New League of Legends Players

  1. There are 3 lanes in Summoner’s Rift: top, middle and bottom. Until the tower is down in each lane, it is consider laning phase where everyone protects their turrets and stay in their own lane. Once all towers are down, the game transitions to team phase where everyone stays together.
  2. The most common team composition in League of Legends is meta-build. Tank or bruisers go top, ap carries or assassins go mid, assassins/tanks/bruisers go in the jungle while an ad carry and support character go bottom.
  3. Try to learn all the roles. Some champions can fill multiple roles. The champion roles in League of Legends are: the AD carries, the AP carries, the tank, the support, the bruiser, the assassins and the junglers.
  4. Avoid champions that have a lot of skill shots when you’re first learning to play League of Legends.
  5. Good champions for League of Legends beginners: Ryze, Annie, Soraka, Sona or Ashe.
  7. Don’t be ashamed to consult guides when choosing your champions and how to build them later on.
  8. Don’t be a victim of pranking. Experienced players like to tell new players that you can press “D” to dance. Pressing “D” won’t make you dance, you’ll waste a summoner ability.
  9. Read up on summoner abilities and learn what they do. At level 1, use ghost and heal.
  10. Play against AI until you are level 5 or until you’ve gotten the hang of it.
  11. Learn to play with an unlocked screen. Press Y to unlock your screen. Your game will significantly improve with the camera free.
  12. Towers will always prioritize hitting minions over you unless you come into their range before the minions or if you hit an enemy champion within tower range.
  13. Use B to recall back to the altar, heal yourself, restore your mana and shop. Don’t be afraid to recall if you’re at low health!
  14. Keep an eye on your mini-map at all times. Map awareness is super important.
  15. If there are no enemies visible on your mini-map, be cautious until you see someone because something’s up.
  16. Be aware of your positioning. Think about where potential enemies could be coming from and try not to leave a blind spot open.
  17. If you are standing in a bush, enemies can’t see you unless they are also in a bush or if the bush is warded.
  18. Green wards give your team vision of an area of the map that is covered by the fog of war or what’s in the bush. Pink wards do the same thing but they also reveal invisible units.
  19. If you are playing against a stealth-based champion, use pink wards. Pink wards counter all stealth champions.
  20. There two forms of currency: riot points and influence points. Riot points are purchased with real world money and influence points are earned by playing the game. Skins are primarily purchased with riot points, on the other hand, all champions can be purchased with either riot points or influence points.
  21. Liking League of Legends on Facebook can get you free skins for your champions.
  22. Every week, Riot Games releases new champions for free to try. Take advantage of it!
  23. Try new champions against AI before you bring them into a PvP environment.
  24. When you do start PvPing, disable all-chat.
  25. Ignore toxic players. Press tab to mute them.
  26. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Trash talk might get you reported which might result in a suspension.
  27. Whenever you get killed, the other team gets gold. Above all else, focus on staying alive. Not giving the other team kills should be your number 1 priority.
  28. Avoid getting tunnel vision. Getting greedy and trying to secure a kill can put you in a position to get killed.
  29. Play for the good of the team, not for your own personal score.
  30. League of Legends is an objective game, not team death match.
  31. Baron Nashor is an incredibly useful late game.
  32. Whenever you can, try to keep friendly minions between yourself and the enemy.
  33. When playing a support role, you don’t need to farm. Instead, buy gold-earning items.
  34. When you are farming, try to only hit a minion if it’s going to be a killing blow.
  35. Try not to needlessly push your lane.
  36. Don’t buy runes until you can afford at least two or three.
  37. Defense is always a great strategy.
  38. Don’t chase Singed.
  39. It’s a game! Have fun! If you’re not, take a break!

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