5 Tips To Building The Best Hearthstone Deck

Now that collectible card game Hearthstone is diving head first into eSports, offering up to nearly $2 million in prizes starting next year, it is imperative that we all get very, very good at Hearthstone. With eSports fortune and fame at stake, we must figure out how to build the Hearthstone deck known to man.

I’ll just tell you write off the top that there is no surefire way to build the best Hearthstone deck Azeroth has ever seen. If there was a single way to build the best Hearthstone deck, it wouldn’t be long before everyone had the exact same deck and Blizzard would hit us back with a patch that nerfed the single best Hearthstone deck build so players keep playing the game. This Hearthstone guide will not tell you which specific cards you need so that your deck ranks among Hearthstone’s best. Rather, this Hearthstone guide is about the mentality you need to have to build the best Hearthstone deck possible. I know it’s not exactly what you had in mind but it’s still worth a try, right?


1. Become a student of Hearthstone

Every legendary athlete, including eSports athletes, doesn’t simply rely on the natural ability. They know all the in’s and out’s of the game. To become great at Hearthstone, you need to know the minions, spells, the core cards of each Hero, etc. Do you risk playing a 5-attack minion against a Priest when you’ve seen them play one Shadow Word: Death card? It is worth knocking a Warlock’s Void Caller off the board knowing that its Deathrattle could summon a bigger, nastier, more powerful demon in their hand?

Knowing the abilities of the classes and their tendencies will help you build the best deck possible as you’ll be able to anticipate your opponents moves and respond accordingly. This will take time and you will have to play Hearthstone almost exclusively for approximately 10 thousand hours, but eventually you will be able to recognize patterns within your opponents moves and you’ll know which cards serve your playing style the best like the back of your hand.


2. Don’t get hung up on rank

It’s easy to get fixated on your rank number, but don’t. Your rank is just a number. You’re the only person who cares about your number. Don’t try so hard to make that number smaller. Experimentation and practice is what you should playing for. As you learn the game and build the deck you think believe to be the best, you’ll perform better and your rank will climb naturally.


3. Don’t play every class

Though you should be familiar with every class, focusing your energy into a single class will help you build the best Hearthstone deck possible that suits your playing style. Switching from class to class makes it harder to learn from your mistakes and glean information that can help you. Worry about getting or crafting legendaries down the line.


4. Learn from losses

No one likes losing, especially in a card game where luck needs to be on your side to make your strategy work. Every defeat you suffer reveals the strengths of different classes and decks. You will start seeing patterns and combinations emerge as different decks become more prominent in ladder matches. Keep calm after a loss and figure out what was your undoing and what can be done to prevent another loss. Analyzing your loss is key to figuring how to build the best Hearthstone deck possible as you are teaching yourself more about the game every time you do.


5. Evaluating your collection

This process is tricky. With a 30-card deck limit, even limited card collections can have more “great” cards than you can fit in a deck. We’ve put “great” in quotation marks because every player is prone to making incorrect evaluations of cards, thinking some mediocre cards are great, and some excellent cards are mediocre.

You will need to very carefully evaluate the theme and purpose of your deck. Just because a certain card has worked well for you in the past, or because it’s got good stats for its cost is not reason enough to automatically include it in your deck. We can’t tell you what your deck’s theme or purpose is, but we can tell you that your deck’s mana curve should be the driving factor of your deck’s build.

Your deck’s mana curve is the distribution of cards in your deck by their mana cost. This is a very important concept, because this dictates the likelihood of you having co-appropriate cards in your hand. For example, if you were to place only 6 and 7-cost cards in your deck, you have ensured your defeat regardless of how strong the 6 and 7-cost cards are because you would have no cards to play during the first 5 turns of the game.

You need to include enough cards for each stage of the game to ensure that there will be good chances for these cards to actually end up in your hand when you need them. Your deck’s mana curve should compensate for the three stages of the game: early game, mid game and late game. The mana curve should be something you are constantly considering in the back of your mind when building your Hearthstone deck.

Once again, practice and experimentation is the only way you will find out the true value of the cards you have collected. Just don’t be misled by the stats on paper as they might belie the usefulness of any given card in certain situations.


Do you have a tip for building the best Hearthstone deck?

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