5 Ways to Make Easy Credit in Star Wars: The Old Republic



  1. Sell Hypercrates.If you have 25 real-world dollars to invest on a hypercrate from the cartel market, buy one. After buying a hypercrate and sitting through the 36 hour cool-down, then sell it. Depending on the server, selling a hypercrate will fetch you anywhere from 5 to 10 million credits. The best time to sell it is right after they drop. Alternatively, you can open the hypercrate and sell 12 of the cartel packs. Each one goes for about 300-400K. Open the other 12 and sell any valuables you don’t want to hang on to.
  2. Slicing on Yavin IV Head over to Yavin IV and go slice the coffers. They are mostly located in the centre area. This is a well-known method of credit farming so wait until the servers are quiet. You need at least 451 slicing but this will return you between 400-700 thousand credits per hour. Check the instances to make sure they are low-population before you take on coffers.
  3. Solo Level 50 HM Flashpoint You get a reasonable amount of credits from killing the trash and you get blackhole gear. Blackhole gear cannot be sold on the Galactic Trade Network, it must be sold to the vendor and typically goes for 14K per piece. The Esseles is a short, sweet and easy Flashpoint for you to do. Check the daily Flashpoints too. It’s not a big payday like slicing on Yavin IV but it’s a steady paycheque plus bonuses (blackhole pieces to sell).
  4. Sell Grade 11 Purple Mats If you get Jawa junk on the cartel market, trade it for grade 11 purple crafting materials. You need to do some research to find out what the market prices are on your server. Everyone always wants purple crafting materials because everyone wants augments. As long as your prices are reasonable, you will get paid. Blue and green won’t sell but purple will.
  5. Sell Decoration Drops from Flashpoints and Operations Other players could always solo old flashpoints and operations to get decorations, but most of them are too lazy to. So, if you are a diligent and you see that there is a market for them on the GTN, revisit your favourite old flashpoints to collect decoration drops to sell.
Editors Notes: There was a huge demand for a guide on Star Wars the Old Republic and how to level up fast, so we created a guide for you.

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