8 Spoiler-Free Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks

This post initially started as a Fallout 4 review until it dawned on us: it doesn’t matter if we give Fallout 4 a failing grade or a perfect score, everyone is going to play Fallout 4.

So rather than tell you that Fallout 4 is a solid but not-revolutionary game that improves on the shooting mechanics of previous entries while losing some of its sense of humour, we figure we can better serve you with  # Fallout 4 tips and tricks to make sure you only miss a couple days of work/school rather than several to explore the wasteland. We would have more Fallout 4 tips and tricks but we’ve made sure to keep these tips spoiler-free. Hope you understand.

Credit: Bethesda.

1. Auto-save settings

This is the single most important tip in all of our Fallout 4 tips. Before you do anything in the game, make sure that you have switch auto-save to its lowest setting.

Pause, go down to setting, scroll until you get to “Save in Pip-Boy.” Set it to 5 minutes. This will ensure that your game will auto-save after every 5 minutes when you open up your Pip-Boy interface. The default auto-save interval is 10 minutes, and while that might not sound like a huge difference, you can actually accomplish quite a bit in 5-minutes time. Having auto-save set at 5-minutes makes dying over and over again a little more bearable as you won’t have to retrace as many steps.

2. Collect all junk

Fallout 4 has a crafting element, so collecting all the random crap lying around the dystopian future isn’t just for virtual hoarders and kleptos. You never know what tools and buildings you might be able to create with worthless, radioactive junk so make sure you’ve scoured every area for items always.

In order to craft the best items for your town, you’ll need rare materials like cloth, adhesives and capper. These are most often found in items like prewar money, duct tape and telephones. Luckily, you don’t have to memorize what items contain what building scraps. Bethesda has provided you with an alternative: “tag” items for search.

When crafting, you will sometimes get to a point where you are trying to build something you don’t have all the materials for. What you can do is tap the tag button for the items you need and this immediately puts a magnifying lens next to any item in the world that will produce that material. This way, when your inventory is full with random junk, you can quickly barter or scavenge for whatever you need without too much inventory-Tetris.

3. What’s your status?

Ailments, maladies, addictions and power-ups can sneak up on you when you’re exploring the wasteland. If your character is dying faster, can’t carry as much as usual, etc. then check your status in the Pip-Boy tab. Hit the right bumper on the controller to “show effects”. This will let you know if your character is currently drunk, high, poisoned, addicted to something, etc. Whenever something weird is happening to your character, make sure to check their status. 99% of the time, this will explain what’s wrong.

4. Your dog is also a pack mule

Inventory has a weight limit (thanks a lot, Bethesday /sarcasm) If you have a companion, however, you don’t have to return all that junk home right away. Instead, you can give it to your dog, robot or other buddy. Think of your dog not as a dog but a tiny, friendly donkey.

Just don’t forget to unload what they are carrying when finally do head back to a settlement because you might never see those items again.

Alternatively, you can always invest in the Strong Back perk to increase your inventory.

Mule/Dog. Credit: Bethesda

5. Avoid South Boston

Just like real Boston, stay away from the Fallout 4’s south Boston. At least for the start of the game anyway. Stay on the north side of the map until you’re strong enough to fight overpowered foes. Trust us.

6. Beware skulls

Obviously you should use the VATS system whenever you encounter an enemy to see it’s level and determine whether or not you can sneak in a quick headshot or not. When you do use the VATS system to check an enemy’s level, if you see a skull next to the enemy’s name, GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE. The skull means that the enemy is much stronger than you and you are at a high-risk of death.

7. Build radio towers

A big part of Fallout 4 is the settlement feature. This enables you to raise communities from out of nothing to give the good people of the Commonwealth a place to live. The best way to attract new settlers to your communities is to build a radio tower (once you’ve provided food and water, of course). A mission teaches you all about this, but don’t ignore everything it has to say. Having the radio signal go out to the waste will help you get the population of your towns grow quickly.

8. Follow the Preston Garvey missions

Preston Garvey, the last of the Minutemen, will give you tips about potential settlements around the commonwealth. This is beneficial because it eventually unlocks an attack that is even more powerful than a mini-nuke…

Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey. Credit: Bethesda

Those are our 8 spoiler-free Fallout 4 tips and tricks! If you have any spoiler-free Fallout 4 tips and tricks to add, please share them with us in the comments!

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