How You Can Get Premium Vehicles on War Thunder

Players can now earn premium vehicles without having to open their wallets…

Fans of the popular MMO War Thunder rejoiced this week when developers announced a new way for players to earn top vehicles inside the game.

By completing daily tasks, players can earn a premium currency, War Bonds, and use it to purchase the game’s hottest planes, tanks, and more. Even better news: a fresh crop of vehicles will be available every month.

Fans of War Thunder were pleased with the announcement.

“…thanks for giving us yet another way of getting items by grinding…” CptShadows commented on the news release.

Earning vehicles through “Battle Tasks”

Typically, premium ships are available through the game’s shop. War Bonds are an in-game currency, which some gamers purchase by spending real life cash. Now, War Bonds can also be earned through completing daily missions called “Battle Tasks.” This addition to the game gives the dedicated player a chance at some of the top vehicles without having to spend a dime.

To access these Battle Tasks, users are required to have a rank 3 vehicle from any nation. Accessed from a special menu inside the game, players will have a range of easy, medium, and hard missions to choose from every day. Complete one from each level of difficulty and receive your daily reward of War Bonds.


Premium vehicles for March

If you collect enough War Bonds, you can purchase premium vehicles in the game’s shop. The vehicles for March include the Ki-100-II and the Hudson Mk V.


War Thunder Ki 100 II
The Japanese Kawasaki Ki-100 was the most modern aircraft of its kind. Built to intercept enemy bombers at great altitude, the Ki-100 featured a high-altitude interceptor equipped with a supercharger. It was introduced late in the war and did not go to large scale production, making it a rarity in skies – and now, in the game.

Hudson Mk V
War Thunder Hudson Mk V

War Thunder Hudson Mk V

This twin-engine beast started out as a passenger craft and was later converted into a light bomber for the military. From the beginning stages of WII, it was knocking German aircrafts out of the sky and was the one of the first Allied crafts operating out of the British Isles. History buffs and fans of the game will be delighted to see its inclusion as an obtainable premium vehicle.

Thanks to developers at War Thunder for adding premium vehicles that any of us can earn through daily dedicated (as if we needed more reasons to play games every day). We can’t wait to see what vehicles will be featured in April.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got grinding to do.

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