How to Choose the Best New Gaming Mouse Pad

When it comes to gaming PCs, gamers have no shortage of things to decide upon. What sort of graphics card best suits your needs? How much RAM do you need to invest in? What kind of screen size is the best fit for your machine? With all those major things to consider, one aspect which often falls by the wayside is your mouse pad. After all, when you’re making decisions about components costing hundreds of dollars to play the latest games, why spend time pondering a mouse pad? However, not taking that little extra time to consider your new mouse pad carefully could prove to be an irritating mistake.

How do You Choose the Right Mouse Pad that Will Best Suit You?

If you’re planning a gaming or work PC, you’re probably expecting to be sat in front of it a lot. Maybe you’ve already invested in a fancy gaming chair, for example. While having a good chair is certainly important, so is getting the right mouse pad. Though it may be small and comparatively cheap, it’s also one of the few parts of your PC which you will be in physical contact with, day in and day out. Not only do you need to ensure that it provides a good surface for your mouse, but you also need to ensure that it won’t be uncomfortable. Indeed, many gamers will no doubt know the pain of having a bad mouse pad; whether it be from pads that shift around on your desk, or which leave your wrist scraping against the edge of a table.

How to Choose a Mouse Pad 2

The first thing to consider when looking for the best gaming mouse pad is tactile resistance. You need to know that your mouse will run smoothly on its surface. If there’s too much pressure or friction, the pad is in danger of shifting around. While textile mouse pads can be perfectly fine, you may wish to consider a harder surface like aluminium or plastic if your mouse is causing undue movement. Some pads also feature rubber bases which can prevent sliding. Some pads feature raised pads for users to rest their wrist, and this can be a very worthwhile investment if you plan to use it daily.

It’s important to remember that there really is no perfect mouse pad; everybody is bound to have slightly different preferences based on their usage and hardware. As such, top 10 or top 5 lists may not always give you options that suit you best. If you have the opportunity, trying out a pad in a retail store may be one solution. Otherwise, be sure not to simply order whatever’s at #1 on the first list you see and consider what would be best for you. One area where this is prevalent is size. If you tend to use your mouse with high sensitivity, then you probably don’t need a huge pad. Conversely, if you use low sensitivity, or have a larger-than-average hand, then you may wish to look for larger options. Consider the desk or table space available, of course, as well as the product dimensions.

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