Fallout 4 Mod Fixes Preston Garvey

Easily one of the worst parts about Fallout 4 is dealing with the walking nightmare that is Minuteman Preston Garvey and his endless settlement quests.

Any time you’re near the guy, whatever you are doing must come to a screeching halt so that he can send you on the same lame quest of saving a settlement only to send you back out to save another crappy settlement even though people who settled next to a Deathclaw nest probably don’t deserve saving, right?

The good news is, if you have Fallout 4 on PC, you don’t have to play the game this way.

Introducing “Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests,” by shad0wshayd3. This new Fallout 4 mod eliminates one of the game’s most frustrating elements:

Have you ever wanted to travel across the Commonwealth and not have Preston breath down your neck about helping every settlement in the game three times a day from the same raider camp that was bothering them an hour ago? Well have I got the mod for you.

Settlement quests don’t go away completely. They’re still there, however, if you want to pursue the Minutemen settlement quests, you have to present yourself to a settlement and take on quests at your own leisure. Thus reducing the clutter in your Quests tabs.

If you know the pain of Preston Garvey slapping you with an unsolicited settlement quest, watch the new mod in action below. Instead of sending you out to certain death, he just give you normal dialogue, followed by silence. Amazing, isn’t?

Unbelievable. Thank you shad0wshayd3 for making Fallout 4 more playable.

Now if only someone could make a mod to stop Dogmeat from stepping on all the land mines…

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