Fast Levelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic


  1. There are various ways to level in Star Wars: The Old Republic. PvP, PvE, Flashpoints, etc. Pick the one you find most enjoyable because that will level you the quickest because you will be more willing to play and invest time in something you enjoy.
  2. When arriving in a new area, pick up all the quests available to you at once rather than doing them individually. As you go, completing several objectives at once, you will limit your backtracking and reap a ton of experience with efficiency.
  3. When accepting a quest, look at the optional objectives (i.e. “Kill 20 of these bad guys”). Completing them will give you bonus experience, helping you level up quicker.
  4. Group missions. SKIP THEM. Any mission that recommends 2+ you can probably solo. Other people can be slow and unreliable, all of which will slow down your progress.
  5. Break up the monotony of regular missions by queuing a Flashpoint and get some cool gear in the process.
  6. Don’t hang around lower level planets. You won’t be earning as much experience killing weaker bad guys. Though it’s a safer way to level, it’s not as fast. Fight someone your own size for maximum levelling.
  7. Experience boosts. Get the 3-hour general experience boost (most likely from the cartel network).
  8. Get a mount. It speeds everything in the game up, including levelling.
  9. Join a guild. You can get 10% extra XP if you are a member of an active guild. 10% is the max guild XP bonus, and while it’s not very much, it’s still nice.
Editors Notes: Why not check our guide on Star Wars the Old Republic best credit farming techniques. This should help you get ahead of your friends!

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