Unlock Metal Gear Solid 5’s Secret Ending

Konami reveals how players can do the impossible and unlock Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending.

If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid 5 to the end, you’ve no doubt noticed that *SPOILERS* the game doesn’t really have one. The Quiet disappears into the desert. Afterwards, you have the pleasure of replaying all the old missions in hopes of unlocking new bits hidden in the game. Although, there is a glimmer of hope for a decent ending. There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending, “The Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event“, after someone pulled it out of the game’s files, wherein all the nukes in the world are disarmed.

There’s been cut scene videos posted on YouTube confirming Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending existence and people had already worked out the rules to active the event. But some are still hoping that there’s more to discover, which isn’t totally implausible as something new could have always been patched in.

As if to lay Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending talk to rest, Konami has released an official guide on how to trigger the event.


There is another important secret in Metal Gear Solid V: a hidden event that can only be unlocked when very specific conditions are fulfilled. 

1. You must have completed Mission 31.
2. You must not own or be currently developing a nuclear weapon. If you have any nukes in stock, you must dismantle them.

3. Certain conditions related to nuclear proliferation must be met on the regional server for your corresponding gaming platform (PlayStation4, PlayStation3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC).
4. All nuclear weapons on the regional server corresponding to your console or platform must have been dismantled. In other words, the amount of nukes on your platform’s server must be equal to 0.  

If all four conditions are met, you will automatically trigger the secret nuclear disarmament event when you return to Mother Base or after you complete a main mission. Should new nukes be developed after conditions 3 and 4 have been fulfilled, this event can be repeated by fulfilling all four conditions again.  

As Metal Gear Solid 5 players have previously deduced, to trigger Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending, players have to come together and agree to rid the nukes in each territory. Here’s where the progress stands right now:

What’s interesting is that the MGS5 community is divided on whether or not they should disarm their nuclear weapons to trigger Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending. They are divided into two factions: The Patriots (pro-nukes) and The Philanthropists (anti-nukes). The chances of everyone deciding to disarm in hopes of seeing Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret ending are slim, especially because it is embedded below and starts around the 12-minute mark.

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