How to Turn Into a Beast in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

When Bloodborne leaked onto the Internet as “Project Beast”, players have speculated it was possible to transform into something…beastly. Sorry.

Sadly, transforming into a beast was not possible in Bloodborne. In the new DLC, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, it is possible but it’s complicated.

Beware: SPOILERS below. Continue reading only if you are ready to know how to turn into a beast in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

GameSpot published a video walkthrough of what’s changed, but in short, acquiring a Beast Embrace rune lets players become a beast, in addition to providing players with new story details and another set of moves. Watch the GameSpot tutorial below to watch the transformation.

In case the video isn’t working for whatever reason, here’s what needs to be done to become a beast:

  1. Defeat Ludwig, the DLC’s first boss.
  2. Kill the Healing Church hunters guarding the entryway to the next area.
  3. Head up to the next section, known as the Research Lab.
  4. Warp back to the previous lamp, then return to where the hunters were.
  5. Pick up an item called Laurence’s Skull from the table.
  6. Return to the cathedral where the burning cleric beast was and defeat Laurence the First Vicar.
  7. Receive the Beast Embrace rune.
  8. Return to the Hunter’s Dream and equip the Beast Embrace rune.
  9. Once the rune is equipped, equip your beast claws and enjoy being a killing machine.

If you have any other Bloodborne: The Old Hunters tricks and tips to share with us, please do in the comments.

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