10 League of Legends Tips and Tricks


10. Play your best champion no matter what. You have a better chance of helping your team to victory by playing a champion you’ve practiced and mastered. Don’t listen to someone who tells you not to play what you are good at. Be respectful, but don’t take them too seriously.

9. Pick your CC at level 1. You are more likely to deal more damage with CC and auto-attacks.

8. Use smartcast. For the majority of champions, you’ll get more kills, deal more damage, save more teammates and die a whole lot less if you eliminate those seconds wasted not using smartcast.

7. Don’t forget to ward. When playing in a support role, ward the entire map and give your team an advantage.

6. Pay attention in Champion Select. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” If you want to win, be present from Jump Street.

5. Do what will get you more gold. 90% of the time, that means getting the last hit. Last hit should take priority over killing the opponent.

4. Adjust the HUD. Making the HUD smaller while expanding the minimap will let you see more of the screen so you have an extra second’s notice for whatever enemies and allies have in store for you.

3. Don’t fight uphill. Enemies have an advantage when fighting from this vantage. It’s been known all throughout history and it’s true in League of Legends too.

2. Trust your gut. You are smart, capable champion. Your first instinct was probably the right one.

1. Play for fun. Games are played for fun. A try-hard, must-win attitude won’t get you far. Enjoying yourself will!

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