How Premium Friends Gives BF1 Players Free Access to “They Shall Not Pass” DLC

There’s a bit of a catch…

Battlefield 1 players who don’t own the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, will still be able to play on its maps.

There is a slight catch however. EA announced they will be launching Premium Friends, a service which allows players in a party with someone who has paid for Premium Pass access to some of their content. Therefore, you must know someone who already owns the DLC, and willing to invite you into a group.

The statement on the official Battlefield website reads: “When creating a party in Battlefield 1 you may notice something new: if someone owns a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass the party will become “Premium Enabled”. This will allow anyone in that party to play on all maps, regardless if they own the content or not. The access is available as long as the party is “Premium Enabled”.

Although this will give players the opportunity to continue playing Battlefield 1 with their friends, it won’t give them access to the new weapons and vehicles included in the DLC. They also can’t earn XP, however the points they would have earned are banked, and awarded to them as soon as they purchase the new expansion.

Even with the restrictions, it’s great news for those who perhaps can’t afford the new Battlefield 1 content, or are waiting to try it out before making the purchase.

They Shall Not Pass was released earlier this week, and features new maps in Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soisson and Rupture, a new game mode named Frontlines, two new Operations, plus more weaponry and tanks.

Will you be picking up the new Battlefield 1 DLC, or playing it with a friend through Premium Friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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