How to Record and Share Gameplay on your PS4

Fancy yourself the next Pewdiepie?

From the moment the PlayStation 4 was announced we knew it was going to be a social console. The idea of being able to record your own gameplay, share it with the world, and even invite others to play on your console for you remotely were exciting, and now we can utilize those features to enhance our gaming experience.

The rise of social media and video platforms has meant the ability to record and share gameplay on your console is essential. Not only does it mean you can share funny or special moments you’ve experienced in games with friends, but it can also act as an easy way of promoting your channel on sites like YouTube and Twitter. Perhaps broadcasting gameplay live isn’t for you, but quickly uploading an unbelievable trick you’ve just performed on GTA is. If so, here’s the  incredibly easy way you can record your game before sharing it with others.

Step 1: Linking your accounts

Livestreaming PS4
Linking an account to your PS4

Before you record a video clip, you’ll need to link your PlayStation 4 with at least one account (if you don’t have a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or dailymotion account then you’ll need to create one first).

Now, on your PlayStation 4 go to Settings > PlayStation Account / Network Settings > Link with Other Services. Choose the service you want to link your PlayStation account with (out of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and dailymotion), and proceed to sign in. You may be asked to enter an activation code to prove it’s really you.

Step 2: Changing your record settings

Recording Gameplay PS4
Changing your record settings

With your account(s) in place, you’ll now need to change your PlayStation 4’s share settings. This isn’t essential, as the settings will already be in place; if you want to personalise features such as the length of your clips, though, read on.

Go back to Settings > Sharing and Broadcasts. There are two options for changing your record settings: SHARE Button Control Type and Length of Video Clip. Go to the former and you’ll have the option to change how the Share button on your Dualshock 4 works. The latter setting is more important, though, as it allows you to choose how long your console records for; it can be as little as 30 seconds or as much as an hour. Make sure the tick is next to whichever length of time you decide on.

Step 3: Recording your gameplay

It’s important to realise that the moment you turn your PlayStation 4’s record feature on, it will record for whatever amount of time you’ve set it up to do before that moment. So, for example, say you have a really great 30 minutes in Battlefield 1. Press the record button and your console will record those last 30 minutes (if you’ve set it up for 30 minute intervals). If you’ve only been playing for 10 minutes but you set it up to record an hour, only those 10 minutes will record.

With this in mind, when you want to start recording press the Share button on your Dualshock 4. A list of features will appear, but you want to go to Video Clip at the top.

Step 4: Customising and sharing your clip

Recording Gameplay PS4
Sharing your clip

Your gameplay has now been recorded, and in the next page you’ll be given a list of platforms you can share your clip to, so click on whichever one you want. If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to sign in.

You’ll now be given a few customisation options. Press Trim at the top to edit the length of your clip. Using 1, 5, 10, 30, or 60 second intervals, move the slider along to wherever you want your clip to start and end, using L2 and R2 respectively to place the markers. Press Square to view your clip in full screen or Preview to see what it would look like when published. If you’re happy with it, press OK.

Recording Gameplay PS4
Trimming your clip

Again, you can preview your clip by pressing Play, or alternatively change recording altogether under Change Selection. If you’re ready to publish that exact clip, though, title it, write a description, choose whether you want it private or public, tag it, and add additional players. None are essential, but all can help your video go further.

Whenever you’re ready, press Share. That’s it, your gameplay is out in the open. Whether or not you’ll end up being the next Pewdiepie remains to be seen, but it’s still a great way of sharing your experiences with others; and who knows, you might even get a bit of a following at the same time.

Got any questions about recording gameplay? Are you trying to set it up but something’s going wrong? Don’t hesitate to ask in our comments section below and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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