Smite: 10 Tips and Tricks


  • Beginners should start with characters with range attacks because they are the easiest to learn.
  • Upgrading items is more cost-effective than buying new ones.
  • Destroying a Tower of Phoenix is easiest late-game. Hard-pushes early on will fail.
  • Never chase alone unless you are 100% sure you can get the kill. More often than not, other players are baiting you into a trap.
  • Don’t use movement abilities aggressively unless you are sure you can get out.
  • Buy wards. Wards win games.
  • Pay attention to the map. It’s there for a reason.
  • Do call-outs and listen to call-outs. For example, if your tank calls retreat, you better retreat. Communication is key.
  • Only n00bs stand perfectly still. The more you move, the better your chance is at victory.
  • Practice your aim. You can have the best gear and a maxed out character but if you can’t aim, you won’t get far. Play against the AI to practice your aim as they move more unpredictably than human-controlled characters.

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