This Pokemon GO Throw Trick Will Make Capturing So Much Easier

Tired of wasting a couple dozen Poke Balls on a pesky little Zubat that just would not go softly into that good night in Pokemon GO? If so, then this Pokemon GO throw trick is going to make your augmented reality escapades a whole lot easier.

YouTuber SinaCXVII put together a quick guide for his soon-to-be copyrigjted “SinaThrow” which will help you nab Pokemon faster while saving your balls for the really tough to catch monsters.

First, make sure you’re in non-AR mode for battles because for this throw trick to work you need the pre-fight intro scene. During the pre-fight intro scene, start rapidly swiping up from where the Poke Ball will appear at the bottom of the screen. This will let you throw a ball at the Pokemon while it’s still up close and therefore a much bigger target. It’s also a lot easier to pick up XP bonuses for nice throws this way. If the Pokemon breaks out of the ball, run from the fight and try again.

Watch a demonstration of this Pokemon GO throw trick below.

It’s not much of a cheat, since you’ll still need to take your time with berries and higher quality balls on tougher Pokemon. But for those elusive, low-level buggers, they won’t pose a problem ever again!

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