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Tribal Wars 2: Conquering villages tricks and tips


  • First thing’s first: get your headquarters to level 20 so that you can build an academy.
  • Academies are required to recruit noblemen, which are essential assets in conquering your enemy’s villages.
  • When attacking neighbouring villages, make sure you only send one nobleman with the army.
  • When noblemen are sent into battle with attacking armies, they can reduce the loyalty of the attacked village between 20 and 35 for each attack (if your attack is successful).
  • Once your first attack is complete, send them back into battle with the nobleman as quickly as possible because a village regains a loyalty point every hour. Don’t give your opponent the chance to rebuild their defence or their villagers’ trust.
  • Keep four or more noblemen at your disposal so that you can run a sequence of attacks and conquer the village you’ve been eyeing in the shortest amount of time.
  • Once the loyalty of the village drops below zero, you have conquered the village and it will be yours with a loyalty of 25 and your nobleman will run the show.

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