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Update 4.70 Can Freeze Your PS4. Try These Fixes

For some unlucky users, PlayStation’s latest update causes more problems than it fixes

The new PlayStation update rolled out earlier this week, and for some unfortunate users, it has been causing issues instead of fixing them.

On both the standard and Pro versions of the PS4, problems with the update after installation include frozen screens, locked-up consoles, and even bricked consoles.

If you’ve already downloaded Update 4.70 and are experiencing problems, here are a few fixes other stranded users have used to successfully unlock their systems:

Same thing happened to me this morning. Turn off your ps4 by holding the power button. Boot to safe mode by holding the power button until you hear two beeps. While in safe mode, restore storage, restart, boot back to safe mode, then install the update (use the from internet option) from there. Fixed the issue and working as usual. Hope that helps someone. –Greavar

Fixed it by booting in Safe Mode with the LAN cable unplugged (turn off router if you’re using WiFi). Then Rebuild Database and it should work fine after. It’s safe to connect to internet and update then. –TheEmqeror

Disconnected external hard drive Started in safe mode (then it wouldn’t pick up my controller, so turned it off) Restarted x 2 after only getting to the blue screen Got to main menu, reconnected the external hard drive, let it repair it Restarted again, this time it let me connect to the playstation network and download the update –I_LikeDots

Troubleshooting is always at your own risk and your results may vary from the users listed above. If you are a more cautious user, or have yet to download the update, you may want to consider waiting until Sony releases a statement.

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