real life lightsaber

Finally. A Real Life Lightsaber Exists

Just when you thought your Star Wars fever couldn’t get any worse, someone went ahead and made a real life lightsaber. Unfortunately, the dream of owning our own real life lightsaber may be still a few lightyears away because this real life lightsaber is more flamethrower than lightsaber.

This real life lightsaber is the creation of Sufficiently Advanced, otherwise known as Allen. You may remember him as the creator of a magnetic, thumb-locked version of Thor’s hammer a few weeks back. His lightsaber uses a fuel mixture of methanol and acetone, projected by butane propellent and lit by a red hot nichrome wire. What does all that techno-babble mean? It means it is incredibly dangerous. Don’t even think about trying to build your own or play with this one because you will blow yourself up.

Even though using this would almost certainly mean certain death for everyone, it’s still fun to watch it in action.

I can’t even begin to express the joy. Not only does a real life lightsaber exist, it was used to burn an effigy of Jar Jar Binks. Really, there is no other appropriate use for a lightsaber other than destroying images of Jar Jar Binks.

Written by Iain MacNeil

Why does this man have so many vowels in his name? Trust us, he’s pressed his parents for an answer for nearly 30 years and he still hasn’t figured out what’s with the extra “I”. Instead, Iain’s parents continue to park him in front of a console and encourage him to play all day and all night until he forgets about his extra vowels.


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