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Overwatch’s 2.05 Update Includes More Than You Think

Your teammates will be thankful for this new hidden feature

Whenever a patch goes live for a game, sometimes developers include hidden features to please their fans. For its 2.05 update, the Overwatch team did exactly that.

Amid a plethora of character changes and bug fixes, Blizzard added in something that Overwatch players quickly noticed after the patch went live. Now, your teammates will know when you’re on fire.

Not literally on fire, of course (I had my hopes up). But when you’re creating so much pwnage that you light up the screen, the game will inform your teammates that you’re having the streak of your life and are completely destroying the competition.

Why it matters

Previously, teammates could only see if another character was on fire, and that was only if they were within viewing range. During the chaos of battle, it’s nice to know that your virtual buddy is kicking butt elsewhere on the map.

This bodes well for players who prefer Overwatch’s off-meta heroes. No longer will they need to listen to the constant whining of their teammates about their unfavorable pick (*cough* Hanzo) when that character shouts across the battlefield “I’m on fire.”

At least, for those players who know what they’re doing.

But wait, there’s more!

For update 2.05, the Overwatch team added a lot more than just this hidden feature.

Overwatch Capture The Flag

Arguably, the biggest (announced) highlight of the 2.05 patch is the introduction of the Game Browser. Fans can now mod their favorite maps and setting to their liking, invite their friends in, and go to town.

Unlike most custom modes on games, which only lets players modify a handful of elements, the Game Browser allows anyone to radically change and experiment with features like cooldowns, movement speed, and more.

For anyone who has been getting bored with Overwatch (why would you get bored with Overwatch?), you can now run wild with the rules and redesign your favorite game to your heart’s content.

The complete notes for Patch 2.05 can be found here. It is now live on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Written by Holly Jennings

Holly Jennings

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