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6 Coolest Modded PS4 Controllers

Take your gaming to the next level with these sick controller mods.

The PS4 DualShock controllers are already awesome straight out of the box, but sometimes you want to get creative and make your controller look awesome. Here are some of the coolest modded PS4 controllers to give you some ideas of your own, or you can even purchase one of these for yourself!

1) PS4 wireless TECHFIRE Gideon (colour shifting)

This controller makes you feel like Raiden from Mortal Kombat with the lighting pattern shooting from your fingertips. Make your late-night gaming sessions brighter with the custom coloured lights that shine through both the joysticks and the controller’s shell. Feel the power of this PlayStation controller! View on Etsy.

2) Metal Gear Solid customized PS4 controller

For Metal Gear fans this controller is a must-see. This controller sports both the symbols of FOXHOUND and the MSF and has a joystick built on top of the touchpad, something that isn’t seen on most custom PS4 controllers.

3) Deadpool custom PS4 controller

First, if you haven’t seen the Deadpool movie yet, go see it. Secondly, the bullets for buttons make this controller badass. The “Merc with a Mouth” is placed directly on the touchpad while the name “DEADPOOL” is displayed on the light bar. Get one yourself before it’s gone!

4) Crash Bandicoot custom PS4 controller

PlayStation fans know that Crash is the console’s mascot. This controller pays homage to our favorite bandicoot with an awesome temple design. This controller doesn’t forget who helped Crash survive through those perilous levels. Aku Aku still has your back and is etched into the top of this controller.

5) Custom Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th PS4 controller

This controller is bloody awesome and is a must buy for any horror fan. An eerie image of Jason Voorhees himself lurking in the shadows is located on the touchpad, and text revealing Jason’s immortal nature, “Jason Lives,” is etched into the back of the controller. View on Etsy.

6) Pip-Boy custom PS4 controller

This controller is perfect for any gamers about to explore the Wasteland. Sporting an unmistakable likeness to a Pip-Boy from the Fallout series, this controller is one of the most unique custom builds ever. The most notable feature is this controller’s touchpad that’s been modified into a Pip-Boy interface. Players might not be able to use V.A.T.S. in real life with this controller, but you’ll definitely feel like a true Vault Dweller with this gem. Unfortunately, this model isn’t for sale despite numerous demands from gamers.

Which controller mod is your favourite? Have you ever designed one? Let us know in the comments below!

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