10 GTA VI Rumours You Need To Know

If you are anything like us, you are still obsessed with GTA V. Even though it’s two years old at this point, DLC, PC mods and the online component continues to make GTA V one of the best games on the market today.

But since GTA V is a cross-generational game, having been one of the last big releases on PS3 and Xbox 360 then several months later getting released on the PS4 and Xbox One. Because the gameplay, mechanics and size were designed to work across two console generations, we can only imagine what its successor, GTA VI, has in store. Factor in that GTA V grossed over $2 billion in May 2014, there’s no telling how big GTA VI might be.

All GTA VI news is just hearsay at this point in time, but we have carefully sifted through all the GTA VI rumours to bring you the 10 GTA VI rumours you need to know about. Try to contain your excitement.

10. GTA VI might have a female protagonist voiced by Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes GTA VI

The Grand Theft Auto series has never really tried to appeal to women. The female characters players interact with are primarily prostitutes, strippers or idiots. In fairness, all the men in the Grand Theft Auto series are criminals, psychopaths, slobs and morons in their own right. However, GTA’s brilliance has always been in its no-holds-barred mocking of popular culture, so why should women be excluded from that?

The only people with any semblance of sanity in the series are the protagonists. They are the vessel in which we laugh at the absurdity of everything around them and offer us someone to relate to in this warped version of our own world. For these reasons, there are rumours circulating around the internet that GTA VI will feature a female protagonist. And not just any female protagonist. One voiced by movie star Eva Mendes.

Anyone familiar with Eva Mendes knows that she can glide effortlessly from sex pot to gun-wielding badass, which would make an Eva Mendes-voiced protagonist super fun to play as. Furthermore, given Eva Mendes is of Cuban descent, wouldn’t it be perfect for a Cuban-American woman taking over the criminal underworld of Vice City? It’s just a rumour right now but if Rockstar got Ray Liotta to voice Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, why wouldn’t they get another big star for the highly anticipated return to bizarro-world Miami?


9. GTA VI will connect to Red Dead Redemption

red dead redemption GTA VI rumours

Rockstar loves to reference previous titles so it makes sense they would find a way to connect GTA with their Old West outing. A rumour, originating from 4chan so take it with a grain of salt, says that GTA VI will be set in the same universe as Red Dead Redemption. One of the protagonists might be a long descendant of John Marston, the reformed outlaw from Red Dead.

It seems unusual as John Marston had a strong sense of principle and was one of Rockstar’s few “good guys”. If it is true, it might only be a wink to fans of the franchise with no bearing on GTA VI’s plot whatsoever. It remains to be seen though…


8. You’ll get to play as a cop in GTA VI

GTA play as a cop

Wouldn’t it great to play as a crooked cop? The worst part of GTA: San Andreas is arguably that you never got the option to play as Officer Tenpenny for a minute or two. Imagine the havoc you could wreak in GTA if you were Nicolas Cage from Bad Lieutenant?

One of the biggest GTA VI rumours swirling around the internet is that one of the main characters will be a cop. The little we know now suggests that this character would be a bonafide good guy, which would be a first for a GTA game. This sort of works with the John Marston rumour above as Marston wanted nothing more than his brood to lead a different life than the life of crime he led.

Whether this means alternating playing as a cop and a criminal on a deadly collision course with each other or taking a good cop and seeing how low he can sink into corruption under the player’s guidance opens some exciting narrative possibilities for the franchise.


7. You’ll be able to fly to multiple cities in GTA VI

As impressively massive as GTA V’s Los Santos and surrounding area is, most people will agree that the most groundbreaking thing the franchise ever did was depict three cities in GTA: San Andreas. Sure, GTA V’s San Andreas is technically bigger than the first time we visited, but it felt richer with three distinct cities to explore (and takeover).

GTA VI, powered by the current generation of consoles, could expand its map to include several cities from the GTA mythos. Rockstar president Leslie Benzies even went so far as to hint of this possibility when he said, “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favourite areas.”

Promising news so long as that doesn’t mean a complete rehash of GTA V’s Los Santos, GTA IV’s Liberty City and whatever new city GTA VI will be set in. If a multi-city GTA 6 is created, it might need to reimagine the existing cities to keep them interesting – and perhaps a good way to do this would be to go back to a different era? Say early 2000s? Just kidding, no one wants the early 2000s.


6. GTA VI will return to Vice City

A multi-city GTA game would likely feature the sun-kissed, sleazy metropolis because Rockstar president Leslie Benzies totally said so. Following up on his comments that he’d like to see a GTA feature all the series’ iconic cities, Benzies added, “In that context, re-imagining Vice City would be very interesting.”

Every time a new GTA game is on the horizon, every talks about a return to Vice City. Rockstar gets a lot of things right in their games but they went above and beyond making fans fall in love with their psychotic parody of 80’s Miami. Why hold out on our grand return to Vice City any longer, Rockstar?


5. GTA VI will have more destructible scenery

Despite all the carnage players can dole out, it’s surprising that GTA never featured much by way of destructible environments. Aside from lamp posts, traffic lights and the like, the cities themselves rarely took too much of a beating over the course of the franchise. This might be because Rockstar developers spend so much time and money detailing every corner of the city and don’t want to see it reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes, but this might change for the next instalment.

Adding destructible environments could expand the scope of missions available to the player too. GTA missions have been getting more and more predictable (‘go here, drive there, retrieve these drugs, kill that person’), and including missions that require you to blow up buildings, drive cars through houses, or knock down cranes with bulldozers would fit the crime theme of the series as well as diversify the gameplay.

Besides, GTA VI needs a defining technical feature to make it stand out from its predecessors. GTA III brought the series into 3D, GTA IV revamped the graphics and physics, GTA V featured  all that and more, plus added heists to its repertoire.  A degree of destructibility would announce to the world that GTA VI is truly a game that wouldn’t have been possible in the previous generation.


4. GTA VI will let you interact with interiors

One of the few common complaints about GTA V was that the game didn’t contain enough interior environments. Typical gamers, much rather stay inside than explore the vast world outside…While there were more interiors in GTA V than any of its predecessors, one of the biggest expectations of GTA VI is that there will be more things to do within each one.

There should be more restaurants, bars and shops in the next GTA, and they should be interactive to at least stick up. San Andreas-style gyms to exercise your character via mini-games should return, and casinos and malls should be opened up; if you could seamlessly run into and out of these sprawling buildings, it would make police chases far more interesting, as you’d have to navigate your way through crowds, seeking out backrooms to hide in and windows to escape through.

GTA V’s interiors didn’t have any direct purpose besides building the sense that Los Santos was alive. That added extra dimension will likely be far superior in GTA VI.


3. GTA VI will cross the pond to London

gta vi rumours

While we are holding out hope for a return to Vice City, one of the more widely-rumoured possible locations for GTA VI is London. You may recall that the original GTA had an expansion pack set in London 1969, so this wouldn’t be entirely be new territory for the Britain-based Rockstar North. Of course, we are a little skeptical because their skewering of American culture is so good that would the franchise not suffer from skewering lesser-known British culture? I’m sure Anglophiles will all have a good laugh, but would your casual gamer?

Back in 2013, Rockstar’s Dan Houser said in an interview with the guardian, “we would love to set a game in London, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game.” It’s a long shot but a trip to London in GTA VI seems plausible.


2. A GTA VI protagonist will be voiced by Ryan Gosling

This rumour feels like it was started by fans of the movie Drive but here it goes anyways. The rumour is that the GTA VI protagonist will be based on Gosling’s soft-spoken, loner, getaway driver character from Drive.

Not since GTA III’s mute protagonist Claude have we experienced a protagonist that didn’t have a wise-crack ready, even when they were getting shot in the chest or getting hit by a car. A less vocal, less outspoken protagonist for GTA VI could be interesting. But why get an A-list actor to be voice act if he doesn’t have any lines?


1. GTA VI will be released in 2018

GTA games are made with care. Rather than releasing them annually, Rockstar prefers to be sparing about releasing new entries. Probably the right approach given the astronomical expectations of fans.

There is no set pattern for how often releases new GTA games. There was a seven-year gap between GTA III and GTA IV, then five between that and GTA V. But let’s remember that GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas all came out between 2001 and 2004, so there is always a possibility of a faster release cycle if Rockstar doesn’t have to change their engine.

Your guess is as good as anyone’s but the grapevine says that Rockstar is investing most of its time into making GTA Online the best game it can possibly be and isn’t looking to release GTA VI until at least 2018.


Did we miss an important GTA VI rumour? Please share it with us in the comments!

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