10 Video Games That End Friendships

Video games! They are all fun and games until someone starts accusing your controllers of being faulty or that your strategies are “cheap” and a fun evening of multiplayer gaming comes to an untimely end when one of you gets concussed.

Below, you’ll find a list of multiplayer games that inspire so much competition among gamers that coming in first place is infinitely more important than your friendships. These are the 10 video games guaranteed to end friendships.

10. FIFA

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Passion for soccer runs deep worldwide and it’s that passion for The Beautiful Game is why playing FIFA can be such a frustrating experience. Whether you’re playing online or offline, FIFA is a great catalyst for tension that will kill a friendship.

9. Smash Bros

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What started as a star-studded fighting game that was diverse and fun has grown into friendship-cancer. A single cheap shot can send controllers flying across the room.

8. World of Warcraft

Despite its excellence, World of Warcraft is crawling with players obsessed with grinding and levelling up that will not hesitate to undermine you if it’s advantageous to them. And if it’s not a selfish player undermining you, it’s a troll. Not to mention, this game can be so addictive that you might as well end all your real-life friendships now if they don’t have WoW.

7. Contra

When this classic was released on the NES, it introduced the concept of co-op gaming to the masses. Unfortunately, the game couldn’t process the fact that both players were on the same team. Rather than work together, players were forced to compete with one another to accrue more lives and points, often times leaving one player behind to let them die if they couldn’t keep up.

6. Left 4 Dead

This game requires the same key to survival as a real zombie apocalypse would: pull together to survive. Without cooperation, everything falls apart. If there’s one player that can’t keep up, it drags the whole team down. If you regularly fall behind or wander off in Left 4 Dead, your so-called friends will leave you to rot.

5. Call of Duty

First person shooters are a breeding ground for short-fuses. From GoldenEye to Halo, gamers around the world have all lost a friend because of an FPS freak out at one time. But Call of Duty takes the cake. Because the game is super accessible and popular with hardcore and casual gamers alike, the latter often don’t respect the proper etiquette (i.e. no camping) which causes the former’s blood to boil every time.

4. Worms

If the mere mention of the Worms series doesn’t make you mutter angrily under your breath, consider yourself lucky. Though the cartoony aesthetic and wacky weapons may seem fun, a few bad turns is all it takes to make you never want to speak to your friends again.

3. Mario Kart

True story: the only time I have ever been punched in the face was when I fired a blue shell at the last second to steal first place in Mario Kart. I can only assume that you have all been through something similar.

2. Battletoads

At the time of its release, Battletoads was notorious for being overly difficult (and it remains so even to this day). The worst part was playing co-op because friendly fire was enabled and there was absolutely no way of turning it off. This meant that more often than not, the players that were supposedly playing together were actually dealing a ton of damage to each other. Even worse, if one player gets a GAME OVER, you both have to start the stage over. SO LONG FRIEND!

1. Mario Party

If you remember wasting hours trying to get coins and in the proper position to get a star, only to have it stolen away by Boo and a “friend” seconds later, you know why this game ends friendships. Or worse yet, someone landing on Bowser and everyone has to fork over all their coins. Mario Party is basically synonymous with having a party where you’ll never see the guests ever again.


What do you think of our list of video games that end friendships? Did we miss a friendship ender in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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