100ft Robot Golf is Why We Need to Get PlayStation VR

We’ve been a bit iffy on whether or not PlayStation VR will be worth getting whenever it’s finally released in 2016. After all, Samsung’s got a VR headset for much cheaper. Oculus has the Mark Zuckerberg seal of approval. And Google Cardboard can practically be made DIY-style. So why would we get a PlayStation VR? Easy: 100ft Robot Golf is why we need to get PlayStation VR.

The title of the game says it all. In 100ft Robot Golf, PlayStation VR owners get to take control of a 100ft-tall robot that pulverizes cities while trying to knock a ball into a hole in 4 shots or less.

Watch the trailer for 100ft Robot Golf below and remember that there’s no such thing as a bad idea. Especially if that idea somehow includes 100ft-tall robots blowing up cities in the name of golf.

Cool! Even corgis can play this game!

Dan Teasdale from dev studio No Goblin admits that the game is dumb but it wasn’t his idea to take it over the top and make it a virtual reality game. Sony approached him with the idea to make 100ft Robot Golf a VR game. What an exciting time to be alive. Watch an interview with Dan Teasdale below wherein he explains what’s happening behind the scenes of 100ft Robot Golf and get excited for silliest, stupidest, awesomest idea for a video game since Goat Simulator.

Both PlayStation VR and 100ft Robot Golf have a 2016 release window.

[h/t: GamesRadar]

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