Playing These 3 Free RTS Games Will Turn You Into a Strategic Mastermind

Do you want to become an unstoppable force / strategic mastermind in any realtime strategy game that peaks your interest? Of course you do! Thankfully, it’s easy to become an unstoppable force / strategic mastermind in any RTS game because they are all virtually the same. Don’t be fooled by the different skins, textures, soundtrack and  All you need to do is practice your tactics in these 3 free RTS games from InnoGames.

Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires, players build their own cities and watch it grow from the stone age on through to present day. Expanding an empire over centuries requires sophisticated strategic campaigns, strong resource management and skilled actions.

Playing this free RTS game will help develop your economic skills, battle strategies as well as your ability to prioritize tasks. Nurturing these three expertise are fundamental to becoming good at both paid and free RTS games, so try it now!

PLAY Forge of Empires FOR FREE!



Elvenar is a free RTS game that’s all about balance. To be successful, players must find harmony between their colonial wanderlust and expanding their cities.

Whether you choose to side with the human faction or the elf faction, playing Elvenar is both fun and the perfect exercise to learn that moderation is essential to the execution of good strategy. Do you think you have the restraint to see your city’s quality of life skyrocket while still finding time to explore your future kingdom? Play Elvenar now to find out.



Tribal Wars 2

Fans of the original Tribal Wars no doubt already know that to be successful in Tribal Wars 2, you’ll need some creative troop deployment. Without out of the box combat ideas up your sleeve, prepare to see all the hard work you put into building your city go up in flames.

The unique thing about this free RTS game is that you’ll need to teach yourself to be diplomatic as not all tribes can be defeated with brute force. Playing this game will teach you the value of extending an olive branch before brandishing your sword…


PLAY Tribal Wars 2 FOR FREE!


What free RTS games would you recommend to practice the fundamentals of RTS gaming? Let us know the comments!

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