Are These Dark Souls Story Summaries Worth $10,000?

Dark Souls fans were recently given the chance by publisher Namco to win $10,000. To win, all they had to do was make a video wherein they explained the game’s plot.

Easy, right? Watch me do it right now. Dark Souls is a game about a humble video game blogger who buys a video game that’s so hard that he goes crazy. Oh wait. That’s not the plot of Dark Souls. That’s just my experience with the game.

The “My Dark Souls Story” contest, which concluded earlier this week, is supposed to help explain Dark Souls 3 to a player who hasn’t played the previous two games in the series. It seems like a simple task, especially if you’ve played the games up until now, but it is deceptively hard as the Dark Souls mythology isn’t front-and-centre.

Because Dark Souls‘ narrative is incomprehensible, the entrants in this contest have had to resort to humour, creativity and ingenuity. But are they worthy of $10,000?

Watch a few of the better ones we’ve seen below.

Biography of the Chosen Undead




Death is the Beginning

No winner has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you post when a winner is chosen.

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