You Can Now Buy Official Final Fantasy XV Clothing for Thousands of Dollars

Final Fantasy XV may be a fantasy, but the merchandising behind the game is very real and very expensive. Japanese fashion designer Roen created the in-game outfits for the game and has been attached to the project back when it was still Final Fantasy Versus XIII. As of March 31st, you can buy official Final Fantasy XV clothing that the characters wear in-game, but it’s going to cost you.

How much will official Final Fantasy XV clothing set you back? The clothes are all made with high quality leathers, denims, and other fabrics, but even then, these are rather pricey.

The Noctis Military Blouson Z is 162,000 yen (US$1,442). Noctis cropped pants are 91,800 yen ($817). The Noctis sheepskin gloves are 21,600 yen ($192), while socks are 3,240 yen ($28.86). Note that these images are not to scale. At least, I don’t think these images are to scale…But then again, anything seems possible now…

Prompto’s clothes (top image) appear to be even more expensive. His leather vest alone is 237,600 yen ($2,117)! His pants are another 91,800 yen ($818).

Now, be honest. If you could afford these clothes, would you buy them and wear them?

Let us know in the comments.

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