5 Ways To Fall in Love with Video Games All Over Again

Sometimes people have a falling out with video games, whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, or a lack of money or interest. And while there’s no need for you to explain your falling out with video games, if you have the inclining to dive back into your favourite hobby, this should help.

5. Revisit your favourite games

It seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked. If you can identify one or two or three games that kickstarted your love for video games, dig it out, dust it off, download the HD remaster. Revisiting the games that got you hooked in the first place is guaranteed to jog your memory and remind you why investing hours into a game can be the best use of your time.


4. Remove yourself from video game discussions on social media

This may seem counter-intuitive but taking some time away from video game discussion on social media might help you remember why you love video games. Sometimes these discussions get very intense and heated and your head becomes full of preconceived notions. Rather than rely on the community to help you figure out what’s good and bad, figuring it out firsthand will be more enjoyable.


3. Have a video game party

Just like the good ol’ days! Multiplayer doesn’t just have to mean playing with foul-mouthed kids from the other side of the country. Getting old friends together and firing up the games will cause time to melt away. Having fun is paramount to falling back in love with video games and making a social event out of gaming can be the perfect way to inject the fun back into gaming.


2. Buy a game on a whim

If you have the money to spare, take a chance on any game that has box artwork that you deem eye-catching. In this day and age, we often know everything about a game months before it’s released, which can neuter any sense of excitement. Throwing caution to the wind and giving any game a try could be a blast, even if the game is bad, simply because you were spontaneous and open to new experiences.


1. Attend video game events

Being surrounded by millions of people that are all so passionate about video games, it’s hard for that enthusiasm not to be contagious.


What do you think about this advice to get back into video games? What would you suggest? Let us know in the comments.

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