6 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Pokemon Go

Fans have gone wild for augmented-reality game Pokemon Go, which sends trainers out into their neighborhoods and communities on a quest to catch ’em all. The massive popularity of the app means there’s already been abundant feedback from the player base about problems with the game. We’ve prepared a list of some of those problems, as well as a couple real-life issues that trainers have encountered along the way.

Don’t hold on to common Pokemon, but keep catching them

If you play often, you probably have a lot of extra Pidgeys and Rattatas.

Did you know that you can exchange them for something better? Tap on a critter in your bag to view its details, then scroll down. You’ll see a “Transfer” button. Tap this to transfer the Pokemon to Professor Willow. This process cannot be reversed so proceed with caution. Professor Willow will give you one species-specific candy in exchange. Players also get three candy every time you catch a new companion. Candy is used to power-up and evolve your Pokemon. This means that if you catch and transfer about 19 Pidgeys, you will have enough candy to evolve the 20th one all the way to Pidgeot.

Don’t evolve without a Lucky Egg

You should always have a Lucky Egg active before you evolve a Pokemon.

Lucky Eggs don’t require an incubator and give players double XP for 30 minutes. Using one to maximize experience points you get from the evolution process is always a good idea. Ideally, you’ll want to have enough candy to evolve several Pokemon in a row.

Don’t waste consumable items

In case you haven’t already noticed from playing Pokemon Go, timed consumable items run on real time, not in-game time. If you use one of these items and the game crashes for an hour, your buff is long gone by the time you’re back online. Don’t use an Incense, Lure Module or Lucky Eggs unless you are absolutely sure you can make the most of it.

Don’t trespass!

Don’t risk the wrath of property owners or the authorities. Speaking from experience, they will not be understanding of the fact that you just had to get to this PokeStop.

Don’t go out without a route

One of the major drawbacks of Pokemon Go so far is the lack of an in-game or online mapping tool. Several unofficial maps have sprung up, but none are complete or particularly easy to use or that effective at preventing players from wandering off cliffs.

However, every Pokéstop and Gym was previously an Ingress portal, so using the Ingress online intel tool is the easiest way to access that information. Even if you don’t plan on playing Ingress, download the game and sign up for an account. Remember your account information, then visit this link. Once you enter your credentials, you’ll be able to browse every Ingress portal in the world. Zoom in to street level to see portal details and names by clicking on them. While this tool can’t tell you whether a portal is a Pokéstop or a Gym in Pokémon Go, or which team currently owns a Gym, it’s definitely the best way to check out which locations are closest to you without getting completely lost.

Don’t play and drive

Is catching a Pokemon at 100mph really that much more thrilling than on foot?

You can’t interact with Gyms or Pokéstops unless you’re close to them, and kilometers trekked only count towards your egg incubation if you’re going less than 10 mph. You should only be driving to get to your location, then get out and get some exercise. That’s the point of the entire game, after all.

Besides, there’s nothing scarier than seeing someone behind a steering wheel, totally engulfed in Pokemon Go. Might as well put a grim reaper costume on because death is certain.

Don’t ignore your immediate surroundings

The game warns you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings every time it launches, but that hasn’t saved trainers from sprained ankles, bruised shins, broken feet, etc. That’s why we are repeating it now.

Don’t get sucked into a real life trap

This has already become an issue, disturbingly enough. Criminals in O’Fallon, Missouri used to the game to draw unsuspecting players into a trap. The criminals placed lure modules on Pokestops in remote locations and waited for trainers to show up in order to rob them. While these armed robbers were caught by police, there’s always the possibility of copycats in the future.

No matter the time of day, approach all Pokéstops and Gyms with caution—especially those in bad neighborhoods or off the beaten path. Don’t blindly wander into a location without checking the area out first. If something seems fishy, just leave. The location isn’t going anywhere, and you can always come back another time. Above all, stay safe, friends—don’t let the desire to catch ’em all get you into serious trouble.

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