8 Things You Need to Know about Marvel Heroes 2016

If you can’t get enough Marvel even with fourteen films planned over the next five years, new television projects constantly in the works and their comics flying off the shelves every month, then you’re in luck. The next phase of Marvel’s free-to-play MMORPG, Marvel Heroes 2016, is coming in December and here’s what you need to know.

  1. Gazillion, the game’s developer, recently announced a number of changes coming to Marvel Heroes. The first is that the game, now known as Marvel Heroes 2015, will be rebranded as Marvel Heroes 2016.
  2. The new Marvel MMO will focus on bringing the game in line with Marvel’s upcoming “All-New, All-Different” comics line.
  3. The game will feature a “Secret Invasion” story chapter. If you are not familiar with Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” storyline, here’s the gist: After “Civil War” in the comics continuity, it was soon discovered that shape-shifting Skrulls had infiltrated the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers, as well as the governments of the world. This built an overwhelming sense of paranoia as no one could be sure who was who they claimed to be and who was an alien invader. The story chapter will include the Super-Skrull Kl’rt, a long-requested addition to the game.
  4. Control support! Players will finally be able to play with sync’d controllers rather than mouse and keyboard.
  5. Visual Upadtes: New, updated looks for the characters.
  6. Leaderboards: Defending the Marvel universe just got competitive.
  7. Savage Land Patrol Zone: The Savage Land is a place in Antarctica inhabited by dinosaurs, mutants and more. Players will be able to explore the zone and punch a dinosaur right in its face.
  8. Thanos Raid: the Mad Titan Thanos is finally being introduced, just ahead of Phase Three of the films.

Gazillion also said that there will be future additions to the game announced as we draw closer to its release. The developer will definitely be adding new characters to the game, with the current roster of playable characters sitting at about 50 heroes currently.

Marvel Heroes initially launched to less than impressive reviews. When the game rebranded as Marvel Heroes 2015 and fixed the issues that plagued the initial release. Since the rebrand, the game’s score skyrocketed and the player-base grown steadily.

Could the most recent plan to rebrand work even more magic for Marvel’s foray into the MMO? Maybe. I guess we’ll find out in December when it gets released.

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