Alex Is a Big Deal in Tom Clancy’s The Division

This weekend, we were lucky enough to play the beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division for two days straight. And while we can confirm that the game has the potential to be endlessly fun, we are still in dark when it comes to the game’s overarching story.

However, thanks to a quick compilation of Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay put together by YouTuber chkdg8, we have a feeling that a character named “Alex” will play an important part in the finished game simply because of the name’s ubiquity. Watch the video below and begin speculating why it’s such a big deal that you got Alex.

Now, it could be that every NPC shouts, “They got Alex!” because all the voiceover work hasn’t been implemented into the game’s beta and that the exclamation will be less frequent in the finished game.

Regardless of that highly logical explanation, I choose to believe that New York City isn’t deserted because of an alien virus or whatever the story is supposed to be, but because the city was overrun by clones named “Alex”. Why else would they be making a big deal over a fallen Alex over and over again?

Do you have any conspiracy theories involving this mysterious Alex figure in Tom Clancy’s The Division. If so, please share them with us on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below.

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