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Atari Developing First Console in Over 20 Years

Its first since 1993’s Jaguar.

Atari, the company behind some of the most historic games consoles of all time, is developing its first system in over 20 years.

Speculation was rife when Atari released a 21 second video featuring a sleek-looking console and the Atari logo several weeks ago, causing many to believe that one of the most important players in the video game industry during the ‘70s and ‘80s were back in the hardware game. You can watch the initial video below.

Now, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has confirmed that they are indeed entering the market again, 23 years after its last console, the Atari Jaguar.

“We’re back in the hardware business,” said Chesnais during last week’s E3 event.

The Jaguar marked the end of an era, particularly for the older generation of players. Atari had long been seen as the largest and most profitable company in the industry, the Atari 2600 often seen as the pioneer for home consoles.

However, after the now-infamous ‘Atari Shock!’ – the video game crash as it’s more tediously known in the West – caused the company, and the industry as a whole, to collapse. Known for pumping out some of the most notoriously bad games of all time – most famously E.T – Atari never again gained the trust of both consumer and investor that Nintendo had.

Nothing is known yet about exactly which kind of system Atari are building, although it’s reported that it will be based on PC hardware, meaning it’s possible that emulation of its previous games could be a feature.

The video shows the classic Atari wooden finish, but considering Chesnais admitted that the design hasn’t been finalised there’s no guarantee what the company’s newest console will look like.

Would you be interested in a new Atari console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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