Atari’s First Console in 20 Years is the Ataribox

An emulator system like the NES and SNES Classics.

Atari has announced that the new console it is working on – its first in over 20 years – will be the Ataribox.

A short video of the console showed it to be similar aesthetically to the classic Atari 2600, but other than looks no other details were known.

Now we know that Atari will taking inspiration from Nintendo with its NES and SNES Classic emulation consoles, by releasing the Ataribox with its back catalogue of classic titles.


Unlike the Japanese company’s recent consoles, though, Ataribox will come with the ability to play recent games. Whether or not this means remasters of Atari’s old games or brand new, third-party titles is unclear.

What is clear, though, is that the Ataribox is heavily inspired by the Atari 2600. Two versions will be released, one with a similar wood-finish to the 2600 and another in red / black. Atari hasn’t released details on the controller, but we do know that the console will pack in SD card support, four USB ports, and a HDMI port.


It’s not yet known when the console will release and for how much, and Atari isn’t in much of a hurry to let us know either. “We’re not teasing you intentionally,” an official statement reads. “We want to get this right, so we’ve opted to share things step by step as we bring this to life, and to listen closely to the Atari community feedback as we do so.”


What do you think of the Ataribox? Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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