Awesome MMO to Look Out For: Worlds Adrift

From the people that brought you Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread comes a new MMO we are desperately anticipating to play, Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift. And just like Bossa’s previous titles, the upcoming MMO should feature quirky gameplay mechanics and a wholly unique take on the MMO genre as players take on the role of sky pirates to explore a world full of floating islands.

According to the game’s mythology, a civilization over-mined its Atlas stones, a mineral that can power levitation, and turned the planet into a series of hovering locales. Players have to venture across these aerial archipelagos and look for remnants and ruins of the lost society.

The game’s primary focus is on exploration (though if we know MMOs, it won’t be long before wars, banditry, bounty hunting and more become the focus as dictated by the players) as the actions players take in Worlds Adrift are the narrative as the world is persistent. If, for example, a player crashes their airship on an island, the wreckage will remain there until another person uncovers it.

What’s even cooler is that there are no premade ships in Worlds Adrift. If you are going to explore the skies, players need to chop down trees, mine for ore and build it yourself! But be careful, deforestation may draw the ire of native creatures that will attack you for destroying their habitat.

The developers said that they don’t envision establishing colonies, preferring to push players to make mammoth ships that serve as self-sustaining towns. No matter what happens in this free form game, the ambition of the scale as well as the presentation make World Adrift look like an amazing MMO. We’ll try to reserve judgement until it’s release (which is not yet set), but based on what we know now, we are ready to say that this is our most anticipated MMO.


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