Battlefield 1 Free on EA Access and Origin

Just $3.99 a month.

EA has added Battlefield 1 to its list of free games on EA Access and Origin.

EA Access and Origin are both EA initiatives that allow players access to a variety of full games, exclusive trials, and discounts on PC and Xbox One games respectively. Both cost $3.99 a month or $19.99 for the whole year.

You can find Battlefield 1 on the Origin store here, while Xbox One players have to download the game through the EA Access app on their console.

You won’t be locked into a certain time period either, meaning you’re entitled to sign up for a month, download Battlefield 1, and give it a go for just $3.99. It’s a bargain if you ask us.

The game has recently seen a price drop, though, with a few retailers selling it for as low as $25 if you don’t want to subscribe – or if you own a PlayStation 4.

Other games included are The Sims 4 and Titanfall 2.

Will you be taking advantage of Battlefield 1 being free, or do you already own it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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