BioMutant is THQ Nordic’s New Sword-Wielding, Kung-Fu Racoon Game

Racoons with swords?

THQ Nordic has revealed its latest title BioMutant, a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, open world game available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developed by Experiment 101, a newly formed team of Max Payne and Just Cause developers, BioMutant has players take the role of a sword-wielding, racoon-like mutant with the ability to change form. They can “change their character’s abilities and appearance with powerful mutations, bionic prosthetics and weapons.” Not only that, but you can “grow claws, sprout wings, or attach a robotic leg – each choice will impact the way your hero plays in real-time combat that blends melee martial arts and firearms.”

The world it’s set in sounds equally unusual. “Set in an imaginative post-apocalyptic universe, Biomutant is a kung fu fable filled with fantastic creatures to discover, dangerous factions to navigate, and colorful worlds to explore with mechs, paragliders, balloons, mounts, jet skis and more.”

As the THQ Nordic website describes, the story is that “the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to unite them or bring them all down.” Exactly what this means is anybody’s guess.

You can watch the trailer below.

BioMutant is set for release some time in 2018.

Are you excited to see more of BioMutant? Let us know in the comments section below.

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