Martial Arts MMO Blade and Soul Launches in North America and Europe

Though the free-to-play game has been out since 2012 in Korea, today (January 19th, 2016) marks Blade and Soul‘s North American and European release.

Watch the launch trailer below.

Some of you may be reticent to try the Korean MMO as Asian MMOs have a reputation for requiring more grinding than their North American/European counterparts. If you are reluctant to Blade and Soul for this reason, know that you need not worry about excessive grinding.

“I think there’s a challenge because there’s a perception of what a Korean MMO is. People say ‘They’re grindy, you’re going to spend forever trying to level up.’ If you’ve had any time in the closed beta at all, you’ll see that we’re not that,” explained Sean Corcoran, Senior Brand Manager for Blade & Soul told US Gamer in an interview from November 2015. “We are not grindy, but I can say that all I want until you play it. That’s the one negative with being a Korean MMO that jumps out as a challenge we have to counteract. Part of that is people getting to experience it for themselves. They’re never really going to trust us.”

“We’re an Eastern MMO because of the content and the storyline in the game. There’s no avoiding that and we shouldn’t because it’s a fantastic story. But you can level pretty quickly through Blade & Soul and a lot of people are excited about that, because they can get to the high-level PVP content.”

The North American and European versions of the MMO was handled internally and should be nearly identical to the Korean version aside from a few tweaks game’s paid items and economy.

See why gamers have pined for a global release of Blade and Soul and play the martial arts MMO for free here.

Enjoy the jiggle while you’re at it!

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