Blind Gamer’s 5-Year Quest To Beat Ocarina of Time Is Complete

Why is it a big deal that a gamer’s five-year quest to beat an 18 year-old game concluded two days ago? Because Terry Garrett, the gamer that’s spent the last five years trying to beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is blind.

Garrett, an engineering student at the University of Colorado, began his journey to complete the Nintendo 64 classic back in 2011. He plays the game primarily by listening, using two speakers in front of him so he can hear sounds signalling enemies, walls and the rest of the environment. As you can imagine, even with the speakers, it has taken a tremendous amount of trial and error. Luckily, he plays an emulated version of Ocarina of Time and uses save states to preserve his progress.

In the final video of his series, released this past Saturday, Garrett thanked “all those who have stuck with me through this series even after it seemed like I was giving up.” Fans helped him when he got stuck providing walkthroughs, tips and other videos he could listen to.

Garrett took on Ocarina of Time to show that he was capable of playing and beating 3D games as well as 2D ones. The entire 30-part series is available at his YouTube page. Watch Garrett’s triumph over adversity 5-years in the making below.

Though it’s still early in the year, I doubt that anyone will top this as the feel-good gaming story of the year. From everyone here at GameAddik, congratulations Terry Garrett. Please do not attempt this same thing with Majora’s Mask. That Zelda game is infuriating with the sense of sight and I can only imagine how insane it would be to attempt to beat it blind.

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