Blizzard May Have a Surprise For Everyone That Sees The Warcraft Movie

A player survey was sent out by Blizzard and may have revealed one of their possible plans for the approaching tidal wave of tie-ins to ensure the Warcraft movie and their iconic MMORPG are hits this summer. In what they may call the “Ultimate Movie Edition,” anyone who buys a ticket to see the Warcraft movie will be given World of Warcraft, all of its expansions and a month of game time, as well as a unique in-game item. And they want your opinion on this marketing initiative.

Here’s the details, as posted on Reddit last week by user fatsocks:

WoW ultimate movie edition

Even though the typo makes this look like a poor attempt at phising, Blizzard has confirmed that it is the real deal.

Head over to the Bnet store and you’ll see that WoW (which automatically comes with all the expansions except Warlords and a month of game time). Blizzard has likely sold all the copies of WoW they can in the gaming, but the movie audience could prove to be an untapped market.

Plus, this version does not include Legion, which we’d speculate will be out around the time the movie is, not least because early June is a reasonable timeframe for development to be finished, but more importantly it’s just good business to have a new product out around the same time as a movie based on it.

What do you think of Blizzard’s plans for “synergy”? Let us know in the comments.

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