Bloodborne’s Emergency Maintenance Explained

Bloodborne’s servers went back online today after “emergency maintenance” to patch out an exploit.

From Software shut down Bloodborne‘s online servers yesterday for “emergency maintenance”, only a week after The Old Hunters DLC was launched. No explanation was given, not even a mention on Sony’s PlayStation Blog or Twitter account, but we now know that they were busy patching out an exploit that let Hunters play the DLC for free.

The Old Hunters costs $20, but a loophole, supposedly discovered after the DLC went live, allowed players to unlock the new content by summoning into the game of someone who already owned it. While I haven’t been able to confirm it personally as I had already paid for the DLC, many players online had wrote about the exploit and it seemed legit.

Though it’d originally been announced Bloodborne might be down for several days, it came back rather quickly. A patch updating Bloodborne to version 1.08 went live last night, and the ability to play online with others soon followed.

Here’s how From Software described the update:

The emergency server maintenance which occurred from yesterday (1-Dec, Tues, around 15:00) has been completed.

Also in regards to the issues like NPC survivor state not handed over properly which occurred in the previous update, we have provided a latest update (1.08) where such issues have been fixed. We are deeply sorry to cause such inconvenience.

Please apply the latest update (1.08) and enjoy playing “Bloodborne”.

While Bloodborne’s servers were down, one of the game’s developers took to reddit to explain that they had received information about “an exploit and serious issues that exist in the game.” Losing millions of $20 payments would definitely quality as an exploit and a serious issue.

Bloodborne Servers Back Online After Unexplained Downtime

From Software has closed the DLC loophole, with players who previously took advantage of it reporting they are now locked of the DLC.

Bloodborne Servers Back Online After Unexplained Downtime

Well, I guess it’s true, nothing gold can stay. At least a few hunters got to try the DLC for free.

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