Bob Ross Makes His Own Happy Little Mario Levels in “The Joys of Mario Making”

How many nights have you woken up suddenly in a cold sweat, desperate to know what PBS painting legend Bob Ross would say about Super Mario Maker? Zero? Well, you need not worry about this unlikely interruption to your slumper thanks to The Joys of Mario Making!

The funny folks at A Dumb Thing have created “The Joy of Mario Making,” a hilarious parody of The Joy of Painting television show. It features Bryson Wallace of A Dumb Thing getting into character as Bob Ross and building his own happy little Super Mario Bros. level using the Wii U video game Super Mario Maker.

And it is as funny as it is silly. Watch “The Joy of Mario Making” below. Enjoy!

I hope that these continue. I mean, what kind of joy could this goofy Bob Ross derive from Minecraft? What would Bob Ross’s Fallout 4 settlements look like? These are important questions that we sincerely hope the good people from A Dumb Thing will answer.

What did you think of this Bob Ross-Super Mario Maker parody? Let us know in the comments!

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