Can Anyone Make Sense of Final Fantasy XV’s New Story Trailer?

Square Enix debuted a new Final Fantasy XV trailer at the Tokyo Game Show this week. And though the game looks absolutely gorgeous, we were quickly reminded that Final Fantasy games have a tendency to go off the rails with regards to the plot.

Final Fantasy XV has been released since this article was posted. You can buy it via the link below.

Take a look at the new story trailer from TGS below.

In the trailer, we see protagonist Noctis and his “brothers” hit revelation after revelation, constantly getting duped and shouting at various people and things.

Of course, the game revolves around your classic light trying to banish darkness. But what is the crystal? Why do people hate the peace treaty? The mere mention of peace treaty reminds us of The Phantom Menace, which is problematic with regards to the plot because that movie was operating on a story’s fumes.

But hey, do we really need a clear storyline? The visuals alone and what we’ve seen of the new combat system certainly make the game intriguing. And there’s also the flying car!

Story? Where we’re going, we don’t need a story. We’ve got flying car!

Final Fantasy XV will be hitting shelves on November 29 after suffering a brief delay on its original release date of September 30.

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